The Bio Bambino Story

I have always loved cooking whether it be for family or friends and when our daughter was born I was very excited about cooking for her, when the time was right.


Healthy and nutritious eating is very important to me and especially for my little one. When our daughter Lily was around 8 months we went to Perth for a wedding. As we were only there for two days, we looked for some convenient, healthy, organic options for her to have for dinner or lunch and were disappointed with what we found.

There were no real meals that were nutritious, tasty and certified organic. My fiancé planted the seed by saying that I should start my own business as Lily loves my food, and so it started. I began cooking for other babies in mothers group and for family friends children and it was a hit! Bio Bambino was born.

Organic and sustainable ingredients have always been a passion of mine. I have a small vegie patch in the backyard and love the fact that I can pop out and pick something and cook with it straight away. At Bio Bambino, our philosophy is, if we can’t get a certain certified organic ingredient, then we can’t make that dish and will have to make something else. We don’t and won’t substitute for non-organic vegetables or meat, it’s just not an option. If I won’t eat non-organic vegetables or meat, then why would I give it to my precious child or yours? Our containers and pouches are also BPA free and none of our products contain palm oil.

We are proud to have organic certification through NASAA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture in Australia), the service leader in certification. The scope of NASAA’s standard covers the entire organic supply chain – ensuring organic integrity ‘from paddock to plate’. Our commitment to nutrition also means all meals have been analysed and approved by a dietitian who specialises in pediatric nutrition. This is to ensure we are preparing and providing the best meals for your baby.

I hope you and your little one enjoy our tasty, seasonal home made meals delivered to your door.

Amena x


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