Winter is a time for hearty comfort food, like chunky soups, casseroles, Sunday roasts, and hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows by an open fire.

These memories of Winter start when we are young and take us back to a warm cosy place in our minds. Our winter menu for your little ones is no different and  is packed full beautiful organic and locally grown, seasonal winter produce.

At Bio Bambino we think seasonal is best because it is sustainable. Seasonal product is also fresher and tastier. Mother nature is also quite clever as well – have you ever noticed the foods that are in season are the ones you crave at that time of year? Hearty root vegetables in winter and berries and tropical fruits in summer?  Mother Nature also provides you with the nutrients you need at that time. For instance vitamin C to ward off colds, found in oranges and green leafy veggies.

We hope you and your Bambino enjoy our Winter Menu!

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